Can you give a "ballpark" cost to remodel my kitchen/bath?

This is probably our most asked question. We understand that cost is sometimes the single most important factor in a remodeling project, and that you need to know if that number fits into your budget before you even move forward. There are many options for design, fixtures, paints and finishes, and material choices for kitchens and baths, and each option can change the cost significantly. We offer many styles of cabinets from several manufacturers at various price points. We suggest you have a budget in mind so we can help you choose what fits. Our planning consultation will help us design with your needs in mind so the cost question can be answered.

How long will it take?

The timeline for any remodel job depends on the size and details of the project. An average kitchen will take approximately 4-5 weeks; an average bath 3-4 weeks. When the details of your project are finalized, we will give you a timeline for the various steps of the job and a more firm finish date.

Why do I even need a design plan?

Would you start building a house without specific plan? How about a cross-country trip without a map or your GPS? A design plan helps put your ideas and expectations on paper. It helps you visualize the project and communicate those ideas to us. And we need the specifics of your space in a drawing in order to determine what specific components are needed to build the project that you desire. But don't worry! It sounds daunting, but all you have to do is tell us your ideas - we will do the hard parts!